Mama Jane

Mama Jane Babirye

Mama Jane (Jane Babirye) was a Ugandan woman. The French nightlife she was a famous nightclub dancer. She was married but childless. Mama Jane got breast cancer and was included in Jinja hospital where one breast was amputated. During her hospitalization, she was confronted with an abandoned newborn baby that she found in the toilet. The child was wrapped in a cloth. Because the mother did not report the child was entrusted to her. She named the baby Moses. Not long after that to a baby again foundling hospital. Mama Jane was asked to take care of this baby. This girl she named Jane. Both children are still alive and doing well. Mama Jane was in Jinja known as the woman who caught displaced children. Quickly grew the number of children she took under her wings.

During the civil war it was put with the children from her home. She then stayed with the children some time in the outdoors under the mango trees. Since Idi Amin at that time all foreigners, mostly rich Indian community, the country turned out came a large number of homes vacant. One of those homes was assigned to Mama Jane and her children. However, the house was in very poor condition. The roof leaked, there were no toilet facilities, no beds or mattresses, and besides there was no food. The children begging on the streets regularly. After the Civil War, during the reconstruction, came from Germany money to build a large-scale orphanage. The intention was that the children there would be captured under better conditions. This orphanage was named St. Moses, named after the first child. The orphanage was built on the other side of the Nile, sun 7 kilometers from the city. Almost all children were transferred to St. Moses. During the meeting in which the constitution was established Mama Jane had a heart attack and died on the spot.

Death of Mama Jane was a great loss. In addition, it quickly became clear that the "old" orphanage was missed and a childcare place was needed for children in cenrtum of the city. Often enough it was left behind that children needed to the police or the hospital and direct care and supervision. Nabawanga Agnes, who was working at the Ugandan counsel for the child and therefore had much contact with Mama Jane, was asked to take over her job. The "old" orphanage was revived. In memory of Mama Jane, the orphanage was named after her: Mama Jane Children Care Centre. Still hanging her picture in the dining room. She thus remains part of the Mama Jane family.

MJ en Agnes

As previously described, Mama Jane was in a house that originally belonged to an Asian family. In 1995/1996 given the President Museveni that Asians could reclaim their lost property. All dwellings that were not claimed automatically owned by the government. The residents could buy the property of the state.

The orphanage was not claimed and had to be bought. Since there was no money seemed the end of Mama Jane in sight. With might and money is pieced together and have managed to buy the building and retain Mama Jane.

Mama Jane Children Care Centre

Vulnerable children deserve a promising future

Mama Jane was founded in the 1980s. During this turbulent times hundreds of thousands of people died during the reign of Obote and Amin. Many children became orphans. They were taken in by Jane, to whom the orphanage is named.

Due to civil wars, HIV and poverty, Mama Jane's existence remains highly needed to take care of children.

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