How is Mama Jane organized?

Mama Jane Children Care Center is a Ugandan institution, founded around 1980 and officially recognized by the Ugandan government.

This drawing shows how Mama Jane is organised. Changing Mama Jane from 'Home' to 'Home & Family support' is now fully in process. In the near future most children will be living in families, supported and guided by Mama Jane.

In the drawing you also see the mix of own income and support from local and foreign donors.


Mama Jane is led by:

  • Director: Seith Kaigwa – daily management
  • Staff: 12 persons daily staff (home, farm, guesthouse)
  • Board
  • Trustees
  • Advisory Board formed by grown-ups from Mama Jane

Staff Mama Jane

Income of Mama Jane consists of own income and donations:

  • Tuition fees in-home-nursery school
  • Rental income of the adjacent building and the guesthouse
  • Farm income, chicken project
  • Sponsor money from the Netherlands, England and Germany

Cost savings through:

  • Own corn and vegetables from the field
  • Rainwater collection and pipes
  • Solar panels

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Mama Jane Children Care Centre

Vulnerable children deserve a promising future

Mama Jane was founded in the 1980s. During this turbulent times hundreds of thousands of people died during the reign of Obote and Amin. Many children became orphans. They were taken in by Jane, to whom the orphanage is named.

Due to civil wars, HIV and poverty, Mama Jane's existence remains highly needed to take care of children.

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Mama Jane Foundation: info@mamajane.nl

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