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Mama Jane Foundation is commited to the orphanage but is not about who can go there as a volunteer. We believe that if you want to work as a volunteer you must have a thorough preparation and that we can not give you. Simply because we work during the week and we are not employed by the foundation. We can send you to the Foundation for Youth and Mission Through this foundation we have been all three to Mama Jane. They have contact with the orphanage and give you a good preparation. See the website Dare2Go (Youth and Mission Foundation) for more information .

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Mama Jane Children Care Centre

Vulnerable children deserve a promising future

Mama Jane was founded in the 1980s. During this turbulent times hundreds of thousands of people died during the reign of Obote and Amin. Many children became orphans. They were taken in by Jane, to whom the orphanage is named.

Due to civil wars, HIV and poverty, Mama Jane's existence remains highly needed to take care of children.

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