Visiting Mama Jane 2019

A wonderful week in Jinja

Mariska and Esther were in Jinja for a week this October. It was a great week; talking with Agnes and Seith, attending Peter's wedding and being part of the Mama Jane family and the Ugandan life.

A warm welcome, lots of fun and beautiful moments

At Mama Jane they had expected us hours earlier, but we arrived late at the orphanage that 1st day. We were welcomed enthusiastic and with a nice late lunch. A good start, wich feels like coming home a bit.. We made plans for attending Peter's wedding the next day. Peter grew up in the home of Mama Jane and was now finally able to marry his lovely Agnes. The wedding was beautiful! A very special moment: the speeches of the "mothers of Peter": the nun who looked after him during his first years, Agnes of Mama Jane and Mariska, who Peter has known from childhood.

Later that week, we talked a lot with Agnes and Seith, visited the farm in Mpummude, sat comfortably in the office and in the courtyard, admired the new oven in the kitchen, enjoyed the cooking of Harriët and Jane and saw the children play, laugh and take care of each other. The atmosphere in the home was good and we found Agnes in great shape; relaxed and with her sharp eye as always for overseeing and arranging everything. These positive vibes radiate to the children and everyone who takes care of them: wonderful!

We also discussed serious matters

Mama Jane has to deal with many challenges. The costs are rising in Uganda, among other things due to new taxes. Young people hardly have a chance to get a job, which makes it difficult for the older children of Mama Jane to build their future.

The biggest challenge lies in the policy of the Ugandan government. This is aimed at accelerating the closing of institutions such as Mama Jane and building so-called "Family Support". Freely translated: how can we ensure that the children do not grow up in orphanages, but with their own family and in their own network. Mama Jane fortunately has permission to stay open for the next 5 years. And closing is of course not easy, for where should the children go!? And who will take care of the children who were left behind as a foundling? Mama Jane supports the policy’s argumentation: a "normal" family situation is best for a child to grow up in. For years, the orphanage has been actively looking for family members of children and the possibility of having them live there. This usually requires financial support for schoolfees and living expenses. Thanks to the great effort of Mama Jane and the staff, it is already possible to trace family much more often. But then comes the sequel: how do you know if the child is being cared for properly and safely? How do you know for sure that the child actually goes to school? How do you monitor the well-being of the child and how do you ensure that the finances benefit the child, but also the family where the child lives? We would like to think along in this new direction, and remain doing what we do now: Contribute to the best possible opportunities for the children of Mama Jane.

Where do we go from here?

As the Mama Jane Foundation we continue to support the orphanage. The care of vulnerable children remains necessary. However, it would be naive to ignore the new policy of the Ugandan government. We never interfere in substance with the decisions and plans of Mama Jane; the management committee makes its own decisions and continues to do so. We have, however, offered to think along about an adapted strategy for the orphanage, based on the expertise that Mariska has in this specific field. In April 2020, Mariska visits Mama Jane again, also to discuss this further. We will of course keep you informed!

Thank you for your love and support

Agnes, Seith, the staff and the children of Mama Jane feel supported by the loyal sponsors of the orphanage. Some people have been supporting Mama Jane for years. This is and will remain very important, to be able to offer the care and facilities to the children. To all of you who care for Mama Jane: THANK YOU !!!

With many greetings from Jinja,

Mariska and Esther




Mama Jane Children Care Centre

Vulnerable children deserve a promising future

Mama Jane was founded in the 1980s. During this turbulent times hundreds of thousands of people died during the reign of Obote and Amin. Many children became orphans. They were taken in by Jane, to whom the orphanage is named.

Due to civil wars, HIV and poverty, Mama Jane's existence remains highly needed to take care of children.

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