In Memoriam Agnes Nabawanga

25 december 1962 - 21 april 2021

Agnes was the mother at Mama Jane's. A mother in a lot of ways and than even more. To the children who grew up in the home, to her own chidren, to us and to many more.

Some 30 years ago Agnes was asked to run Mama Jane's orphanage, after Jane passed. She then worked at the Ugandan Probation office in Jinja, so she was familiar with the home and the care for vulnerable children. She accepted the job and put her all in it since then.

We know Agnes as being strong and caring. She led Mama Jane like a mother, wich is so outstanding. Sometimes there were 70 children in the home. She provided them all with care and made them feel safe and secure.

In 30 years Agnes provided a home for children in need of a safe haven. Ze was the mother they missed out on, and she made sure they would get chances for a future life.

Kezia of Mama Jane wrote these beautiful words last week:

“Today is a dark day in our lives😪😪we have lost it all, a mum, a mentor, prayer warrior, the one who never gives up even when there are lots of reasons to. In life, we loved you dearly, in death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place, no one else will ever fill. I cry endlessly becoz of your death😭😭 but I promise, I won't let the tears mar the smiles that you've given me when you were alive. No matter what I do to move on from this pain, deep down inside I will always know that I'll never get to hug my mom again. I will dearly miss you mama Agnes Nabawanga. May your soul rest with the angels mama jane 🙏🙏”

Agnes led Mama Jane like a queen. There was no way around her. She enforced respect. An iron lady, sometimes a bit harsh and strict, but with a heart of pure gold.

Keeping Mama Jane a permanent safe and providing place, was a tough job. So much to think about: keeping order, peace, clean, provide foods, schoolfees, uniforms, places to sleep, etcetera.. And then pay the bills..

Again and again she thought of new projects to generate money. She gave her full100% to accomplish them too. The Mama Jane farm, guesthouse, solar, the nursery, vocational school. With help of sponsors she achieved a lot. Her enthusiasm and persuasion made people want to help Mama Jane realizing the plans.

We have known Agnes for so many years. Except for the strong leader she was, we always enjoyed her sense of humour so much! A lot of times we spent talking and laughing a lot, especially with the funny faces she could pull.

On the benches in the hall of Mama Jane, in front of Agnes' office, you would find people waiting patiently. They came for advice or help, or some came to offer help.
Agnes was a very wise woman. She inspired and motivated.

Brian, who grew up in the home, put it like this:

"She was a mother to me and many. To us she wasn't just a caretaker, but a mother who sacrified a lot and did all she could to see that we reach somewhere. We are the legacy she has left behind. We are forever grateful for her life and the impact on our lives, as the children who went through Mama Jane".

We are so very sad Agnes had to leave us at this young age. She was an unforgettable beautiful person. Mama Jane will not be the same without her there. Although it is hard, we have faith in the future of the home. This safe haven for vulnerable children is still needed en will continue to exist, with support of Stichting-team.

We wish her children, the children & staff of Mama Jane, and all the people who are missing Agnes, a lot of strength and love to carry this loss.
Please let Agnes remain the strong ánd loving inspirator in our lives.

More photos of Agnes in the gallery "A day in the life of Agnes"

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