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From now on it is possible to directly support Mama Jane by donating via Ideal or credit card. We are very happy that our website hero Dirk Smit ( built this option for us. It's a quick and easy way to help Mama Jane. And that help is always very welcome! Recently we received nice donations to repair the leaking roof of the orphanage. And, now that the children are allowed to go back to school after 660 days, extra money is needed for school fees and all necessities, such as notebooks, pens, brooms, uniforms. As soon as we receive photos from Seith, of the new roof and the long-term project in Mpumudde, we will share them with you.

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Mama Jane Children Care Centre

Vulnerable children deserve a promising future

Mama Jane was founded in the 1980s. During this turbulent times hundreds of thousands of people died during the reign of Obote and Amin. Many children became orphans. They were taken in by Jane, to whom the orphanage is named.

Due to civil wars, HIV and poverty, Mama Jane's existence remains highly needed to take care of children.

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